General, Arts & Crafts and Farmer's Markets throughout the West Midlands

Promotions and Management for General Markets throughout the West Midlands
General, Arts & Crafts and Farmer's Markets throughout the West Midlands

Bescot Promotions Market Operators

Bescot Promotions is an established Market operating and Stall Hire service provider with over of 40 years experience of providing both indoor and outdoor events. As a family owned and run business we pride ourselves on creating a helpful, friendly and fun atmosphere for all the family to enjoy.

Renowned for running the famous Bescot Sunday Market, we also operate many other great markets during the week and hold a variety of Bank Holiday, Easter, Summer and Christmas events throughout the year. For weekly information updates, click the RSS feed on our Home Page Page or alternatively sign up to receive all of the new Market, Fayres and Event dates, along with the next 5 markets dates by email, as well as any cancellations to help you avoid disappointment.

Whether outdoors or indoors our Markets, Fayres and Events are all filled with Stall Holders and Traders offering a diverse range of merchandise at fabulous prices. Plus they offer something that Internet Markets cannot, they allow you to use all 5 senses to find exactly what you are looking for, and then your sixth sense, "the art of haggling" to ensure the price is spot on.

Come along to our next Market where you can browse, buy, socialise but most of all have fun.

At Bescot Promotions we run a number of General, Arts and Crafts, and Farmer's Markets throughout the West Midlands helping Stall Holders and bargain hunters to get together. If you are interested in becoming a Stall Holder and can offer our discerning visitors something special, please click on our New Stall Holder link above or contact us.

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