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Top Tips for becoming a successful trader

1. Be clear about the product or service you are offering by way of banners, posters and marketing material 
2. Arrive in good time to set up your stall. When you are new to selling, it takes a lot longer to set up than you might expect. You will get quicker with time, once you know what you are doing and how best to show off your products. So leave plenty of time when you turn up to your first market.
3. Be Savvy with your space, offer variety, but don’t overcrowd your stand. Have a variety of products which offer your customers choice, but not too much that people can’t get a feel of your brand or the best products you offer. You only have a few seconds to catch the attention of passers-by, so make it clean and clear. 
4. Presentation is key so ensure you bring a table cloth or sheet, tape, cable ties, scissors, business card.
5. Make it clear Display your terms and conditions and any returns policies of hygiene certificates that might be relevant to give your customers confidence in your as a trader. 
6. Ditch your phone. Don’t be part of the backdrop or stand around on your phone or look like you haven’t had any customers all day. Be knowledgeable and ready to answer any questions. It is important that you know your brand and products inside out. Selling can feel intimidating, but answering customer questions allows you to show your passion for your products. 
7. Talk and Smile all day long – Often looking busy can help. It means that people don’t feel like they are being awkwardly watched when browsing your stall, giving them the time to flick through the items you sell at their own pace rather than feeling pressured and hurried. 
8. Offer a range of payment methods such as A card readerEveryone carries cards nowadays, not everyone still carries cash. A card reader is therefore absolutely essential and is super simple to find and set up. With the majority of people now paying by card, vendors are expected to bring their own card reader. Have a quick google and you will see there are a whole host of card reader providers out there, we use
9. Cash and spare change – With the above being said this doesn’t mean that cash is dead. Many people still prefer to pay with cash, therefore it is essential that you are able to offer change. Not only does this mean it can be more helpful to sell your products at rounded whole numbers, but it also means that someone won’t turn away if you are not able to offer change.
10. Take advantage of the Bescot Marketing Partnership opportunities

Top Tips for Becoming a successful Trader: Welcome
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